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NO. Just NO!

There are some things you should never give your dog. And there are some things you should prevent your dog from getting at. A little prevention will save pain, heartache and money!

1. People medications

Always consult with us before giving any medication! It is always safest to stick with medications prescribed or recommended by your veterinarian.

2. Poisons

  • antifreeze (drips, spills, open containers) as this is attractive to dogs but very toxic
  • rat and mouse poisons; most of the ones on the market are lethal to dogs. Immediate intervention is needed, as antidotes to the commonest rat poisons do not exist.
  • chemicals and fertilizers for weed or pest control in lawn or garden are dangerous to dogs
  • Cocoa husk and coffee grounds as garden mulch or additives are attractive and dangerous
  • xylitol in sugar-free gum can be lethal in very small amounts

3. Bones

Only large long and knuckle bones are safe, and then only until they begin to crack. Smaller bones and chicken/pork bones will splinter into dangerously sharp bits. All bones create a risk of obstruction or perforation of the gut. Some bones will lodge in the mouth or throat, and certain ring bones will commonly get stuck on the lower jaw. Besides being embarrassing, this can be painful and they can be difficult to remove if left on too long.

4. Small smooth balls

A ball should be large enough that it cannot go past your dog’s tongue, and should be rough textured. Small smooth balls can lodge in the throat and get wet and slippery, making recovery very difficult. These balls kill dogs.

Stick with pet safe toys, made to be nearly indestructible and not possible to swallow. When tennis balls start coming apart or any ball becomes old and damaged, it is time to replace them.

5. Stick in mouth injury

Playing with sticks is fun. Running with a stick in your mouth and tripping can lead to very dramatic, painful and life threatening injuries. There are safer toys!

6. Those stinky things

Socks, cloth objects, indigestible wipes, feminine hygiene products. Dogs often find dirty laundy, soiled diapers and used products attractive to swallow, where they will very often get stuck and require surgical or endoscopic removal.

7. Kitchen garbage

Dogs will indulge and can get very sick from spoiled food, rich fatty people food, bones, indigestible wrapping material they may find in the garbage.

8. Bread dough

Uncooked bread allowed to rise in reach of your dog may get them in trouble. It will continue to rise and expand, and release intoxicating alcohol, causing double trouble to those mischievous enough to do this.

9. Chocolate

Also attractive to dogs, the theobromine (like caffeine) can cause heart and nervous symptoms, as well as GI upset and pancreatic inflammation. The higher the cacao content, the more dangerous. Chocolate hull mulch, especially when freshly applied, has the same affect.

10. THC Edibles

In days of yore, ingesting of recreational THC products, mainly as smokable flower, was nearly inconsequential for dogs. Today, there are many concentrated products, including baked goods and candies, that have concentrations high enough to actually be lethal to dogs. Have your friends keep their edibles out of reach!

10. Nuts

Many nuts are the size and shape to easily swallow and then cause obstruction. Chestnuts and black walnuts are also strong irritants. Macadamia nuts are very toxic.

10. Grapes and Raisins

Some dogs develope acute renal injury after ingesting even small numbers of grapes or raisins. Others seem unaffected. The exact mechanism remains ill defined, so our recommendation is to not give or allow access to either grapes or raisins.

10. People food

Many foods we eat are appreciated treats, but can blow the diet or cause serious intestinal or pancreas issues. Corn cobs are attractive to dogs but often get stuck in the intestines and require surgical removal. Stick with dog treats or flavorful low calorie veggies, such as green beans.

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