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Dog coats come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. Whether you’re looking to add a new four-legged member to your family or figuring out how to care for the one you already have, coat care knowledge is essential. Here’s a quick guide to the main types of coats we see at City Dog Vet, and how to maintain them at home.

Types of Curly Coats

Curly-coated dogs make up a wide variety of beautiful, energetic, and high maintenance breeds. This category includes but is not limited to:

  • Poodles
  • Bichon Frises
  • Bedlington Terriers
  • Kerry Blue Terriers
  • Portuguese Water Dogs and other breeds of water dogs

Think you want a Curly Coated dog? Read here for more care and maintenance info

Drop Coats – Straight Coats – Long Coats

Due to needing regular maintenance, these coat types are frequently seen by us groomers. Call them “drop,” “straight,” or “long” coats, they all refer to roughly the same style, as seen above. Some breeds that fall into this section include:

  • Yorkies
  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzus
  • Havanese
  • Afghan Hounds

These straight coats can grow very long and can come in a large variety of thicknesses and textures. Learn more about Drop, Straight, and Long Coated Dogs

Wire Coats

Wire-coated dogs are known for their playfulness, as well as their unique looks. Some breeds included in this category are: Schnauzers, Airdales, Wire-haired Dauschaunds, and many other dogs, mostly terriers.

  • Schnauzers
  • Airdales
  • Wire-haired Dauschaunds
  • Most terrier breeds

Wire-coated dogs do need home and professional maintenance for best upkeep and appearance. Check out tips for these types of coats.

Double Coats

A double coat is truly an amazing thing! I could (and will) write a whole article on these coats alone, but for now let’s focus on basic care tips for our long-furred friends. Breeds with double coats include:

  • Huskies
  • Golden Retreivers
  • Chows
  • Pomeranians
  • Great Pyrenees

Learn more about how to maintain the amazingness of Double Coats whether you have one or are considering a double-coated dog. More tips, click here.

Smooth/Short Coats

If low-maintenance is your thing, then this is the coat for you! There is a slight difference in a smooth and short coat, in that the a smooth coat is going to be shorter in length and tighter to the body.

  • Chihuahua
  • Pitbulls
  • Labs
  • Frenchies
  • Pugs

Smooth and short coats shed but upkeep can be simple. Read here for more on these popular breed coats and how to care for them.

Mixed Coats

Many dogs sport a combination of two or more coat types, rendering them a mixed coat. With the rise in popularity of “designer dogs,” mixed breeds are one of the most common coat types we see. Their genetic combinations can result in some very unique and beautiful textures, patterns, and lengths. But it can also provide difficult hair that can leave both owner and groomer stumped as to what to do with it.

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