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City Dog Vet Online Shop and Pharmacy

Although we love seeing you in the clinic, especially when you stop by with your pup, we realize you are busy and convenience to our clients is important.

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Why shop for dog products through the City Dog Vet?

Order to Doorstep Convenience

Don’t miss out on valuable play time! Just like ordering on large sites like, Fosters and Smith, and others, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

Veterinary Quality Guarantee

Foods, products, and pharmacy items ordered from our shop have the same guarantee as if you purchase them through us. If your dog doesn’t like the food or if they have any reaction to a medication or products, manufacturers will refund or exchange the items. This includes large pharmaceutical and food companies we work closely with like Merial, Bayer, Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, Purina, and more.

Straight from the Manufacturer

You’ve all probably read headline reports from some of the larger online pet shops about phony drugs, questionable product from overseas, and other sad reports where drugs or foods are not stored properly or sold in counterfeit packaging. When you order through the City Dog Vet Online Store and Pharmacy, your food and pharmaceutical products will come straight from the manufacturer, as they would if you were picking them up here at City Dog Vet.

Prescription products AND standard over-the-counter food, product, and treat convenience

The City Dog Vet Online Shop and Pharmacy is not only prescription products. You can order everything from Purina Pro Plan products, to Adaptil calming products, to treats, and more in the online shop. If you have a feline friend, you can even order some basics for them (non-prescription).

Seamless Ordering Experience

When you order your compounded medications, prescription foods, or pharmacy items, your doctor here at City Dog Vet will get notification of your request. If the prescription or request is something our staff has prescribed or recommended, the order is approved and appropriate refills are authorized. This automatically gets downloaded into your dog’s medical record, so we always have an accurate log of our patients’ prescriptions. This is easier for us and safer for your dog.

Free Shipping

All orders from the City Dog Vet Online Store and Pharmacy receive FREE shipping (food orders need to be set on an auto-ship to qualify, however the frequency of auto-ship is set by you).

City Dog Vet Online Shop and Pharmacy helps support our local animal community.

City Dog Vet continues to take pride in working with local animal rescue organizations, both by donations and by donating services to places like Dane County Humane Society.

Learn more about City Dog Vet affiliated organization Guardian Whiskers, our pet-passionate non-profit in Madison.

Guardian Whiskers promotes the healthy bond between pets and people. Our community programs improve the well-being of people and pets.

Pet interaction improves people’s physical, social and mental health. Pets receive health benefits from socializing with people too!

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For more information about outside pharmacies and retailers, please review our Prescription Policy.

Call (608) 383-5963 or email with any questions about our shop. Our goal is to make things easier for you and safer for your pets.