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Schnauzers are one of the most popular terrier breeds out there, especially the minis. They are energetic, loyal, and a true terrier. One of the most fun things about this breed is that they have a very sleek and specific look that is mainly achieved through grooming. I’m going to go over some of the hallmarks of the schnauzer look, how to get them, and how to maintain them.

As a wire-coated breed, schnauzers are traditionally hand-stripped. For the vast majority of owners however, maintaining a hand stripped dog is likely not realistic. But don’t worry! Bringing them to the groomer every 4-6 weeks for a haircut as well as brushing at home will keep them looking great.

* If hand stripping your schnauzer is something you’re interested in you will have to do a little extra research to find a groomer who specializes in this technique. There are many fantastic groomers out there who can provide this service but it is essential to follow their instructions closely to maintain this look.

The Schnauzer Clip

Like most terriers, you will notice they get a haircut that is very short on the top and sides of their bodies, and longer on the legs and stomach. If you take your dog to a groomer and ask for a schnauzer clip, this is what they are going to do.

The Legs

The hair or “furnishings” left on the legs is an opportunity for you to give your little schnauzy their own personal flair. Deciding whether to leave them long or short or any length in between is an important time to consider things like life style and hair texture.

If you have a very active dog with soft furnishings it would be best to have them trimmed short. This will require less maintenance on your part and your dog will have less chance of getting matted and having to deal with being brushed out.

If your dog has a very wiry hard coat, that brushes out easily, you can sometimes get away with little to no trimming on the legs and skirt.

Just remember, the more hair you leave, the more you will need to brush and comb regularly at home.

The Skirt

The skirt on a schnauzer is actually not a skirt at all. It is technically called an underline and is usually kept short. However, some like the look of a long underline. If you decide you want to keep this part of your dog long, please be prepared to brush and comb it out at least every other day. The area of the body where the skirt is located is very sensitive and once mats form, it is a very bad experience for both your dog and their groomer alike to have to try and brush them out. Many times it is simply not worth it and the dog may then lose their skirt.

While a schnauzer with no skirt is not necessarily ideal, I have seen it many times, and I can tell you they still look very cute! The hair will grow back and we can try again.

The Schnauzer Head

The head is definitely one of the best parts of this groom! The top of the head, cheeks, and ears are all shaved leaving the signature terrier beard. The sides of the head are them blended and the hair between their eyes is trimmed away. The hair that is left is then shaped into their eyebrows, and then you really have your Schnauzer look completed! The overall effect is a very clean and sharp looking pooch.

Things to remember

Schnauzers will require very regular grooming throughout their lives, the sooner you get them accustomed to the process the better. Have patience with them, their first haircuts will not be perfect but with consistency and trust it will get better!

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