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What Does a Puppy Cut Mean to You?

If you have a dog that requires a haircut you’ve likely come across this term before, either from the internet, from friends, or even some professionals that use the it. However, the problem with asking for a puppy cut is that you may not get what you want. This is because many people have different definitions of what it actually means.

A puppy cut is a technical term for the type of trim that is acceptable on show poodles under a year old. The clip used on show poodle puppies includes legs that are longer than the body and a full often sprayed up topknot, among other lovely features.

The term has taken on a life of its own and moved away from it’s dog show origins and has since been causing communication issues between groomers and clients. For example, I’ve had owners ask for a puppy cut that wanted their dogs short all over, some wanted them long and fluffy, and others want the body short and the legs long, just to name a few.

My best advice when bringing your dog to see a new groomer, or you want to change up the style with their regular groomer, is to be specific about what you want. Bring a picture, discuss exact length, really figure out what will work best for your dog. Requesting a one size fits all type of haircut for our special companions can result in miscommunication and leave you unsatisfied. Each dog is unique and their haircut should be too!

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