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So many breeds to choose from! Personality traits, genetic disease predispositions, and size are all important in selecting a dog. But, its critical to consider the type of coat a dog has and what will be needed to maintain it when looking for your next dog!

Call them “drop,” “straight,” or “long” coats, they all refer to roughly the same style, as seen above.

Types of Long Coats

This coat type is usually straight. It can grow very long, and can come in a large variety of thicknesses and textures. Breeds include:

  • Yorkies
  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzus
  • Cockers
  • Havanese
  • Afghan Hounds

Maintenance at Home

Home maintenance between grooming appointments should consist of regular brushing and combing. Tips to remember:

  • For very long coats, a pin brush in addition to your slicker can be a great tool
  • Pay special attention to your pooch’s face, as they often have issues with eye discharge becoming matted in their long hair.
  • Mats easily form in beards and muzzles
  • Mats can catch debris and create unpleasant odors or even infection

Like any other dog with long hair, matting is a serious concern for this category of cuties. Therefore, it’s important to keep them on a regular schedule with your groomer.

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