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Paw Care for the Colder Months

Could you imagine walking around barefoot through the snow? Neither could I! Lets help your doggos out with their fuzzy feets. Here four great tips for winter paw care:

#1 Keep the Paws Well-Groomed You may assume that extra-hairy feet are necessary to keep dogs insulated in the cold. Unfortunately, this causes problems! Extra hair between and around the paw pads can pick up salt, snow, and clumps of dirt, which can be uncomfortable and even cause tight matting in between the pads. A simple, quick trip to your groomer is a smart idea to keep those feet nice and clean!

#2 Use Booties

I know, I know. Booties can be a huge pain to take on and off. But they truly are one of your best defenses against the elements, if your dog allows them.

#3 Paw Balms

There are many on the market and they can help create a protective barrier between the pads and the ground.

#4 Use Towels

To keep your pooch free from salt and debris, as well as to help warm them up after a wintry walk, be sure to wipe down your dog’s paws. A warm towel is best for this step.

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