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Prescription Policy for Outside Pharmacies & Online Retailers

We realize that there are many reasons, including cost and convenience, that our clients may want to use outside pharmacies and online shops rather than order prescriptions directly from us. However, due to the time demands these are taking, we need to revamp our policy for outside online pharmacy requests (Chewy, Amazon, 1800PetMeds).

We encourage you to purchase from our own in-clinic pharmacy, however for those that would like online convenience, our own online store, Vets First Choice is available with many benefits. The prices match other online stores and are mailed directly to you in the same fashion. Our store carries prescription medications, Flea and Tick Preventatives, Heartworm Preventatives, diets, supplements, treats, pet supplies, and even toys.

We will help you with this transition and appreciate your understanding. If you chose to use outside pharmacies moving forward, (with the exception of the compounding and local pharmacies we work with for specific needs) you’ll simply need to pick up a written, signed prescription at City Dog Vet during normal business hours or ask for one during your appointment.

Here’s why we’ve implemented our written prescription policy:

TIME: We are choosing as a hospital to spend our time focusing on taking care of our patients and clients instead of answering faxes and calling pharmacies.

The amount of time our staff spends deciphering and processing the quickly growing number of online pharmacy requests is growing exponentially. It takes a significant amount of time to review medical records, ensure proper documentation of requests, and call/fax in prescriptions.

SAFE: Medications straight from the manufacturer. No mystery stops, storage, or handling before it gets to you.

Our hospital and our online store’s supply chain is 100% secure. From the time the medication your dog needs is manufactured, all the way to when you are going to give it to your pet, it has been handled, stored, and packaged in compliance with manufacturer guidelines. It is guaranteed to be the name-brand medication in the proper dosage and packaging. Medications purchased directly from us and our online store are guaranteed by the product’s manufacturer and most importantly by us, your dog’s veterinarian. Sadly in some cases, fake products have been sold through some of the most popular online retailers.

ACCURACY: Drug and dosing details are best managed within our own system and record keeping.

Our in-clinic and online stores are part of our medical software infrastructure. Getting prescription labels prepared and printed, and reviewing medications directly with you when we hand them to you allows less error. In our canine patients this is important, as even small discrepancies can be dangerous. Your dog’s medical records have the prescription and dose that his or her doctor ordered. Avoiding the middle men removes the potential for error in medications or dosing.

COMPETITIVE: Online price comparisons

Our online shop, Vets First Choice, continually compares prices with other major online retailers. Prices are competitive and we also offer free and auto-shipping just like other online retailers do.